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      1. Create your own website - it's easy!


        Our reviews support you to choose the best website builder


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        Jimdo Logo 300x107 Create your own website   its easy!3 different pricings:
        Free – free of cost
        Pro – $7.50/month
        Business – $20.00/month
        - Small businesses
        - Online Shops
        - Blogs
        - private websites
        5stars Create your own website   its easy!
        47 out of 50 points

        Jimdo Review

        webnode logo Create your own website   its easy!Free basic version with comprehensive functionality. The Pro plan is priced from $2.95 to $24.95 per month- Private websites
        - Small businesses- Multilingual sites
        - Online shops
        5stars Create your own website   its easy!
        46 out of 50 points

        Webnode Review

        weebly logo Create your own website   its easy!Free basic Website and the Pro plan is priced between $3.29 und $6.63 per month, depending on contract duration.- Small businesses
        - private websites
        - Artist websites
        5stars Create your own website   its easy!
        45 out of 50 points

        Weebly Review

        Yola Logo Create your own website   its easy!Different packages selectable, free basic plan. The Pro plans are priced from $4.95 to $19.95 per month
        - simple, static websites
        - private websites
        4stars Create your own website   its easy!
        38 out of 50 points

        Yola Review

        wix logo Create your own website   its easy!Different packages selectable, free basic plan. The Pro plans are priced from $4.08 to $16.17 per month
        - individual websites
        - Artist websites (photographers, designer)
        - private websites
        4stars Create your own website   its easy!
        37 out of 50 points

        Wix Review

        11 Logo Create your own website   its easy!Different packages selectable, free test period of 30 days. The Pro plans are priced from $9.99 to $29.99 per month
        - business websites
        - E-Commerce
        - private websites
        3stars Create your own website   its easy!
        31 out of 50 points

        1&1 Review


        What is a website builder?

        A website builder (also called website creator or homepage builder) is a low cost tool with which you can create your own website even with no previous knowledge in web design or programming. A website builder is a special kind of content management system (CMS) with integrated desktops, allowing users to easily edit elements, layout and content of their website. With web based website builders you can work directly within the internet browser, without downloading a program or software on your computer.

        Website Builders: Pros and Cons

        If you don’t have the expertise and know how to create your own website, the advantages of a website builder are obvious: you can start your own internet presence immediately, compared to a professional web agency it’s really low priced and you keep complete control of the content, i.e. you can edit all the content by yourself.

        Depending on the provider, there may be various disadvantages for users. The products differ essentially at the included features and options to individualize the website. Overall, as a user you should be aware that you work within a given framework, set by the provider, in which you have a wide range of editing options. However, if you have very specific and individual requirements for your website, you could reach the limits of the system.

        Website Builders in review

        There are a few providers for website builders out there, each of them has different strengths and weaknesses. In order that you find the best website builder for your specific project – like starting an online store – we developed a comprehensive website builder review system. We started out with the big players and want to share our findings with you. We reviewed the products based on criteria like functionality, price, design selection, and a lot more. You’ll find the results summed up on top of this page. For detailed websitebuilder reviews and our experiences with the different products just click on the category ?Website Builder Reviews“ and choose the specific product review you are looking for. Our overall average review result is at 4 out of 5 stars.
        If you allready have experience with any of the website builders just drop us a message – no matter if good or bad. We’re looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

        Last Update: 2013-11-06 | Reviews designed and executed by Dirk Fuhlhage

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